What’s In A Name?

Würth Logo

You may have noticed a change on our newly printed catalog. We are proud to bear (no pun intended) the name of our parent company much more prominently than ever before.

We are still the same Baer Supply you’ve known and trusted for over 60 years. We are now utilizing our association with our parent company, Würth Group, to provide you with more choices, more quality, and more savings than ever before.

By integrating all that we have built through the years with the strength of the Würth Brand, we now offer you, our customers, the best of both worlds.

You get the quality, service, and choice you have always expected from us along with the lower prices, higher quality and expanded product range available exclusively through the Würth Group.
You can experience this directly through programs like our highly successful Würth Fastener and Abrasive programs. Both of these programs deliver broad selection, world class quality and unbelievably low prices.

These programs are exclusively available to Würth Group companies and we could not bring them to you if it weren’t for our membership in the Würth Group.

You have our promise we will continue to bring you more and more of these money-saving programs in the months to come.

Please leave a comment with your opinions or thoughts on this change.

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