Making Hundreds of Screws and Fasteners Easier To Find

In October 2010, Würth Baer Supply Company launched a new tool, the Screw and Fastener QuickFind tool, to make sorting through the hundreds of screws and fasteners we sell easier to find on our website.

Screw and Fastener QuickFind Tool

Screw and Fastener QuickFind Tool

The tool allows you to quickly and easily narrow down your search criteria by screw type, length, gauge, head, and drive type. A chart displays all results for your narrowed down search below the criteria.

In addition, after narrowing down to specific list, you can click on any of the column heads to further sort through and find just the parts you need.

Once you find it, just click on the part number and you are taken directly to our online catalog where you can place an order for that product.

Have you tried it out yet? What do you think of it? What can we do to improve the tool?


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