Evan Adams Driving the New Würth on Wheels Van

Evan Adams and Würth on Wheels!

Meet outside sales representative Evan Adams and the new Würth on Wheels van. Evan travels throughout the Chicagoland area stopping in on new and existing customers with a van full of products. The van holds a wealth of Würth products including Northern Safety, Rev-A-Shelf, Blum, Grass and much more available for instant purchase.

Another great benefit of the van is the ability for customers to see and feel the merchandise up close before purchasing it. For existing customers, the product prices on the van are keyed to the account prices you already receive.

So, be on the lookout for Evan and say “hello”.

If all goes well with this van, we may expand the program to other areas of the Würth Baer Supply Company selling region in the United States.

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